Elizabeth Roche is a highly experienced professional in the field of Human Resources.  She has held a number of positions within Human Resources for more than 15 years.  Her experience has encompassed the spectrum of being an effective generalist to being a competent specialist in training.  She is widely versed in all areas of Human Resources and demonstrated her expertise in all disciplines of HR when she became certified as a "Senior Professional in Human Resources" in 1995 as awarded by the international Society for Human Resource Management.

As a generalist in HR, Elizabeth had a broad range of knowledge in the areas of recruiting, employee relations, training, benefits, compensation, and safety.  Elizabeth spent nearly a decade working as Director of Training and HR Services for a trade association.  During that time she provided HR advisory services to dozens of member companies.  She also developed and presented numerous training modules (centering around management and supervision skills and HR topics).

More recently Elizabeth became part of the senior management group of a start-up company experiencing 30% growth year over year.  As the head of the HR function, she had responsibility for developing all company procedures, policies and processes that related to the employees spread out over a dozen states.  During her tenure the company grew from 725 employees to over 2,000 while adding large manufacturing locations and consolidating small existing ones.  She was instrumental in the strategic planning of the company as it met the challenges of rapid growth and expanded market share.  Additionally, she spearheaded the defense of a number of government agency investigations and charges, as well as handling the successful management campaign against an organizing attempt by the Longshoreman's Union in the state of Washington.

Elizabeth enjoys a state wide reputation as an engaging trainer and presenter.  She has been invited to speak at several industry conferences in addition to being a favorite speaker to the trade association members.  She can guide employers in numerous valuable HR functions, assisting companies to increase their bottom line and realize their strategic goals.