Employers Workforce Relations has experience working with all sorts of businesses in different industries.  From the very small non-profit to one of the world's largest toy manufacturers, EWR understands the needs and characteristics of all kinds of business structures and operational issues.   Some examples of the kinds of companies who have benefited from our services include:

  • International producer of foodservice packaging
  • Worldwide leader in toy design and manufacturing
  • One of the top 10 accounting firms in California
  • Southern California water district
  • International laser technology manufacturer
  • An asset recovery services company
  • Professional association of scientists
  • Agricultural processing concerns in California and Arizona
  • International manufacturer of flow meters
  • Largest craft brewer of beer in Southern California

We would be happy to provide you with more specific information about the industries served at your request.

Employers Workforce Relations is also successful in collaborating with other organizations which provide complementary services to employers or require specialized HR expertise.  Some of the companies which have realized the value of a partnership with EWR include::

  • Employers Group (the oldest and largest employers' association in CA)
  • Baron Center, Inc (workplace behavior specialists)
  • Industrial Relations Consultants (preventive labor relations)
  • Employer's Legal Advisor (employment and labor law firm)
  • Western Growers (multi-state association for agricultural employers)
  • Cal State University San Marcos

If you are interested in becoming a partner company please let us know.