At Employers Workforce Relations, we consult with employers of all sizes on how to increase profitability through the implementation of Human Resources practices specifically designed to optimize your most valuable asset: workforce productivity.  As your strategic HR partner, Employers Workforce Relations will work hand-in-hand with your staff to jointly develop and deliver specific policies and procedures, employee and management training programs, and other company-wide initiatives aimed at molding your workforce into a smoothly running organization.

Employers Workforce Relations offers the full spectrum of human resources consulting.  We can serve as a single source for all your human resources needs; we can augment and support your existing human resources staff; or we can work with you to recruit and train a first class internal human resource team.  Our one goal is to provide organizational improvement with a measurable and positive impact on your bottom line.

With more than 15 years' experience and the highest certification from the international Society of Human Resources Management, Employers Workforce Relations is able to guide you through the quick and effective resolution of existing employee relations issues and to provide expert consultancy on how to reduce or eliminate the potential for future productivity-draining situations.

Our services include:

  • Effective recruiting and hiring practices
  • Risk-minimizing termination procedures
  • Comprehensive employee handbook authoring and updating
  • Employee satisfaction assessments and risk analysis
  • Cost-effective employee benefit package design, review, and auditing
  • Creation and revision of appropriate job descriptions
  • Improvement-oriented performance review and management systems
  • Professional development at all levels through leadership coaching and management training
  • Regulatory compliance auditing and remediation

Whatever your human resources needs, Employers Workforce Relations can provide an integrated package of services tailored to your company's workforce profile and your industry; one that is best suited to achieve your strategic objectives.