For those organizations with a small or developing Human Resources function, we offer services to augment and support your internal activities.  No matter how basic the service, we can provide assistance demonstrated to help your employees and your bottom line!  Here are a few examples:

  • Hiring Procedures - We can evaluate the process from recruiting to hiring.  Attention will be paid to employment applications, recruiting sources, interviewing techniques, and new-hire paperwork.
  • Employee Files - Are you keeping the appropriate documents in the file to comply with confidentiality laws and practical uses?
  • Workers' Compensation Claims - We will ensure that the necessary paperwork is complete and that the claim is managed to the best possible result.
  • Benefits - Let us assist with designing your program, shopping for carriers, rolling out the program, and analyzing its effectiveness.
  • Employee Handbook - Some employment policies are critical no matter how many employees you have. We can create policies from scratch or review your existing policies and handbooks to make sure it is complete and up-to-date.
  • Pay Practices - How employees are paid with regard to overtime, hourly vs. salary, etc., can be a minefield for employers.  We will look at your current practices and identify areas of concern (with appropriate counsel).
  • Questions - Oftentimes small HR departments just need someone to call with questions, and we can be that resource for you.  This service often results in the professional development of the person performing HR task and that is a win-win scenario!
Other HR services can be designed by your company to fit your particular business needs and objectives.