Employers Workforce Relations delivers a wide variety of training programs.  Programs can be created specifically for your company to meet your individual requirements; or you can take advantage of programs that are already in existence; or something in-between with varying degrees of customization.

Training sessions are designed to be delivered to management, supervisors and Human Resources representatives.  These modules are generally interactive workshops with emphasis on trainee participation and use of real-life examples, case studies, role plays, etc.; all designed to assure maximum retention and desired behavior modification.

Here are a few examples:

  • Coaching and Counseling Employees
  • Communication Skills
  • Compensation and Benefit Trends
  • Compensation and Benefit Trends
  • Creating an Effective Performance Review
  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse Information for Supervisors
  • Encouraging Employees to be Productive
  • Ensuring Employee Responsibility (Disciplinary Procedures)
  • Finding the Right People to Work for You
  • Harassment Prevention
  • Human Resources and the Bottom Line
  • Human Resources - the Effective Advisor
  • Managing Stress
  • Mechanics of Letting Employee Go
  • Ongoing Problems with Family Leave
  • Payroll - Wage and Hour Issues
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Role of the Supervisor
  • Supervisors - Liability of Asset?
  • Workplace Bullies - What is the Cost and What Can You Do?

What kind of training will you and your employees find most valuable?